301 Telehandler Forklift Operator Training


The Telehandler forklift operator training Program is designed to educate the operator on proper Inspection, Operations, and shutdown procedures. Operators will be tested on the literature that governs Telehandlers forklifts in the construction industry as well as Practical (Hands on) Evaluations that test the Operators ability to maintain control of all functions and maneuvers of a Telehandler type forklift under OSHA and ANSI Safety standards and regulations.

*All Equipment based programs will need an appointed Authorized Evaluator through ACE AE program or an ACE Instructor to Facilitate the delivery of Digital/Physical material, practical Evaluation forms and scenarios.

Certification Length:

2 years

OSHA/ANSI Compliant:

OSHA 1910.178, ANSI B56.1

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